1.     (1)     The judgment of the Court shall be pronounced in open court, either on the hearing of the appeal or at any subsequent time of which notice shall be given by the Registrar to the parties appeal.


(2)     Whenever a reserved judgment is to be given and the counsel concerned are duly notified in that behalf the presence of such counsel or of their juniors is required in Court when judgment is being delivered. Failure to observe this will be regarded as an act of disrespect to the Court.


2.     (1)     Every judgment of the Court shall be sent by the Registrar to the court below.


(2)     A sealed or certified copy of the order shall be sent by the Registrar to the court below.


(3)     Interlocutory orders shall be prepared in like manner.


3.     The Court shall not review any judgment once given and delivered by it save to correct any clerical mistake or some error arising from any accidental slip or omission, or to vary the judgment or order so as to give effect to its meaning or intention. A judgment or order shall not be varied when it correctly represent and substantive part of it be varied and a different form substituted.


4.     Any judgment given by the Court may be enforced by the Court or by the court below or by any other court which has been seized of the matter, as the Court may direct.


5.     When the Court directs any judgment to be enforced by another court, a certificate under the seal of the Court and the hand of the presiding Justice setting forth the judgment shall be transmitted by the Registrar to such other court, and the latter shall enforce such judgment in terms of the certificate.


6.     Where the costs of an appeal are allowed they may either be fixed by the court at the time when the judgment is given or may be ordered to be taxed.


7.     (1)     The Registrar at the final determination of an appeal shall notify in such manner as he thinks most convenient to the Registrar of the court below the decision of the Court in relation thereto, and also any orders or directions made or given by the Court in relation to such appeal or any matter connected therewith.


(2)    The Registrar of the court below shall on receiving the notification referred to in this Rule, enter the particulars thereof on the records of such court.


8.     Upon the final determination of an appeal for the purposes of which the Registrar has obtained from the Registrar of the court below any original depositions, exhibits, information, inquisition, plea or other documents usually kept by the said Registrar, shall, where practicable, cause the same to be returned to the Registrar of the court below.