1.     (1)    Records of Appeal from the Sharia Court of Appeal or Customary Court of Appeal intended for use in the Court shall be compiled in the English language as well as the language used in the proceedings before the Court.


 (2)     Twenty certified true copies in English and three only in the other language shall be forwarded to the Court.


2.                The Court may direct a departure from these Rules in any way when this is required in the interest of justice.


3.     (1)   The Court may, in an exceptional circumstance, and where it considers it in the interest of justice so to do,                   waive compliance by the parties with these Rules or any put thereof.


 (2)   Where there is much waiver of compliance with the Rules, the Court may, in such manner as it thinks right, direct the appellant or the respondent as the case may be, to remedy such non-compliance or may, notwithstanding, order the appeal to proceed or give such directions as it considers necessary in the circumstance.

 (3)   The Registrar shall forthwith notify the appellant or the respondent as the case may be of such order or directions given by the Court under this Rule where the appellant or the respondent was not present at the time when such order was made or directions were given.


4.     As early as possible before the date set down for hearing of any appeal before the Court and in any event not later than two clear days before such date, all the  parties or the legal practitioners representing them shall forward to the Registrar a list of the law reports, text books, and other authorities which parties or legal practitioner representing them intend to cite at the hearing of the appeal.


5.  (1)  An application to strike out or set aside for non-compliance with these Rules, or for any other irregularity arising from the Rules of Practice and Procedure in thiss Court, any proceedings or any document, judgment or order therein shall only b entertained by die Court if it is made within a reasonable time and before the part applying has taken toy fresh step after becoming aware of die irregularity,


(2)    An application under this Rule may be made by motion on notice and the; i roust be stated therein.


6(l) There shall be constituted a body to be known as the Rules of Court Advisory Committee comprising of—'


(a)    Five Justices of the Court one of whom shall be the Chairman; and


(b)    One member each of the inner and outer Bar to be appointed by the President.


(2)    It shall be the duty of the Committee to advise the President from time to time in the exercise of the powers conferred upon him by (he Constitution or by or under any tow, to make rules for regulating or making provision with respect to practice and procedure in the Court.


(3)    Every member of the Committee shall remain a member thereof for such period as the President may in his discretion prescribe, either at the time of the appointment of the member or at any time thereafter.

7.    The president may, at any time, by notice, declare a practice of the Court as practice direction, and whenever the declaration was made, such practice direction shall be regarded as part of these Rules.